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Tri-BACKUP Pro Crack 2024 is a comprehensive backup and data synchronization software designed for Mac users. Developed by TRI-EDRE, Tri-BACKUP Pro offers advanced features and a user-friendly interface to ensure the safety and protection of your valuable data. In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of Tri-BACKUP Pro in more detail.

At its core, Tri-BACKUP Pro Latest Keygen Key provides a reliable and efficient backup solution for Mac users. It allows you to create backups of your files, folders, and entire volumes, ensuring that your data is protected in case of accidental deletion, hardware failure, or other unforeseen events. Tri-BACKUP Pro supports both local and network backups, giving you flexibility in choosing the storage medium for your backups.

One is its advanced synchronization capabilities. With this software, you can easily synchronize files and folders between different devices or network locations. Whether you want to keep your files in sync between your Mac and an external hard drive, or between multiple Macs in a network, Tri-BACKUP Pro simplifies the process and ensures that your data is always up to date.

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Tri-BACKUP Pro Crack 2024 offers a variety of backup modes to suit different needs. The software includes incremental backup, which only copies new or modified files since the last backup, thus saving time and storage space. It also supports versioned backups, allowing you to keep multiple versions of your files over time. This feature can be particularly useful if you need to retrieve an older version of a file or if you want to track changes made to a document.

Another notable feature of Tri-BACKUP Pro Crack is its scheduling capabilities. You can set up automatic backups or synchronization tasks at specific intervals, ensuring that your data is backed up regularly without requiring manual intervention. The software also provides customizable options for scheduling, such as daily, weekly, or monthly backups, as well as the ability to define specific backup windows to avoid interfering with your work.

Data security is a top priority for Tri-BACKUP Pro. The software allows you to encrypt your backups, ensuring that your sensitive data remains protected. It supports various encryption algorithms, including AES-256, providing robust security for your backup files. Additionally, Tri-BACKUP Pro offers the option to verify the integrity of your backups, giving you peace of mind that your data is intact and can be restored successfully when needed.

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In the event of data loss or system failure, Tri-BACKUP Pro Crack provides a straightforward restore process. You can easily browse your backups and selectively restore files or entire directories to their original locations or alternate destinations. The software also includes a disk cloning feature, allowing you to create an exact replica of your system disk, which can be useful for system migration or upgrading to a larger storage device.

This software also offers advanced features for power users and IT professionals. It includes scripting capabilities, allowing you to automate backup tasks and customize the software to fit your specific requirements. Additionally, the software provides detailed logs and notifications, keeping you informed about the status of your backups and any potential issues that may arise.

Here are some key features of Tri-BACKUP Pro:

Comprehensive Backup:

  • Tri-BACKUP Pro allows you to create complete backups of your files, folders, and entire systems. It offers both incremental and differential backup options.

Scheduling and Automation:

  • You can set up automated backup schedules to ensure your data is regularly backed up without manual intervention. Tri-BACKUP Pro provides flexible scheduling options, including daily, weekly, and monthly backups.

Disk Cloning:

  • The software allows you to create exact copies (clones) of your hard drives or partitions. This feature is useful for system migration or upgrading to a new drive.

Bootable Backups:

  • You can create bootable backups, which means you can restore your system directly from the backup in case of a hard drive failure or system crash.

Incremental Archiving:

  • It offers incremental archiving, allowing you to keep track of changes made to your files over time. This feature saves storage space by only backing up the modified portions of files.

Versioning and History:

  • it keeps track of different versions of your files, allowing you to restore previous versions if needed. It maintains a history of changes made to your files over time.


  • The software enables file synchronization between different locations or devices. You can ensure that the latest version of your files is always available on multiple systems.

Network Backup:

  • Tri-BACKUP Pro supports backing up files over a network, making it convenient for backing up data from multiple computers or devices on a local network.

Encryption and Compression:

  • It offers options for encrypting your backups to protect sensitive data. Additionally, you can compress your backups to save disk space.

Customizable Backup Options:

  • Tri-BACKUP Pro provides a range of customizable options, allowing you to fine-tune your backup processes according to your specific needs.

Email Notifications:

  • The software can send email notifications to keep you informed about the status of your backups, ensuring you’re aware of any issues or completion.

How to Install Tri-BACKUP?

  1. First, Open the image package downloaded from this site.
  2. Then directly double-click “tri-backup installer. app” to enter the installer.
  3. Click “install” to start installing the software program.
  4. After the installation process is complete, the software will automatically open on the screen.
  5. Then a registration box will pop up on the screen.
  6. Open the downloaded cracked file and copy the registration code inside.
  7. Don, and enjoy the latest cracked version.

In conclusion, it is a powerful and reliable backup and synchronization software for Mac users. With its comprehensive feature set, user-friendly interface, and strong data security measures, Tri-BACKUP Pro offers a complete solution for protecting and managing your valuable data.

Download Tri-BACKUP Pro 10.1.32 Crack

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